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Young Explorers has the Map to Independence and We Will Help you Navigate Uncertain Waters Toward Growth

Guidance from an experienced management team and an approved, established business system

Young Explorers is a vital team member, invested in your school’s growth. Follow the map to create your own company:


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Site Selection

We will give you the vital requirements in selecting the best place to build your school to meet customer demand.


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Facility Build Out

Our schools are beautiful and warm – that doesn’t happen by accident. Our prototype plans are refined for operational efficiency to deliver that great Young Explorers feeling. We will go from dream to reality – financing, blueprints, and construction – together.


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Training program

You and your team will participate in a pre-opening training program at our corporate support site and at your local school facility. During this critical time you will have our step by step support, it’s no time to worry.


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Grand opening assistance

On-site assistance leading up to Opening Day is just the start. We stay with you to make sure things run smoothly after the big day, with close attention to key success factors and insightful adjustments.


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Young Explorers Montessori® Curriculum and Staff Training App

Using our state-of-the-art system, TheLessonBoxTM, you will have sample lesson plans, classroom guidance, volumes of lessons, and more to run a smooth program. The staff training app provides clear, consistent, and comprehensive training to empower your staff to shine and continue to generate that Young Explorers culture.


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Established Software/Back Office Systems

You will have access to software and business systems to keep your schools running effectively and efficiently. Managing your progress and really understanding each component of your company is easy with these good tools at hand.


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Vendor relationships

You will gain access to our selected vendors for materials, furnishings & equipment. Our detailed supplies and purchasing lists make it easy to select just the right items for your school.


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Marketing Assistance and Support

We will provide you with sample collateral materials and help you develop a marketing strategy to promote your franchise in your territory. We even have strategies for wait list management, class balance, and fair registration practices.


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Confidential Operations Manual

You will receive a detailed manual that outlines daily operating procedures: student arrival, menu planning, security procedures, staff scheduling, bookkeeping procedures and other important business functions. To continuously improve, at our annual franchisee conference, you will meet other owners and hear proposed ideas and insights on common practices. Join the community of owners!


Young Explorers Montessori Employees
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“The Young Explorers Way is a culture of virtue where family comes first: We are here to serve our families, our staff, our community above all. We endeavor to guide our franchisees and support them so well that they are confident and successful owners. And when we partner with you, you are not on an island by yourself.”

William R. Scott Jr., Co-Founder & CEO

Client Testimonials

"Your staff is SUPERB! They are so unbelievably caring; they set expectations for the children that the children strive to reach. Audrey has blossomed over the past 4 years that she has been at your center. Ms. Tonya and Ms. Ann we are forever grateful for the assistance in building Audrey's foundation, they had such a positive influence on us all. What wonderful caring, joyful, thoughtful ladies. Audrey was thrilled to go to school every day, not one day did she ever say I do not want to go. Even on Saturday's she would be disappointed because she didn't get to go to school!!!! Thank you for making our kickoff to Audrey's education a phenomenal experience.....we love them all!!!!"

-Ms. Vicki G., daughter Audrey, 5


“All of the teachers at Young Explorers are so incredibly warm and friendly. I walk in there every day and feel good about where my daughter is. My husband and I are so happy with the strides she’s made in learning a variety of skills. It’s amazing to see her growth in the short time she's been there. I can't imagine her being anywhere else.”

- K. Anderson



“When told we were expecting twins, we knew that Young Explorers day care would help us provide a great start for their lives…We are confident that our children are in a safe, caring, and enjoyable environment, every day.”

- A. Waid



“Young Explorers has provided an amazing learning environment that is both fun and safe for my children. My son has several life-threatening food allergies, and the staff has bent over backwards to keep him safe. Their careful attention to our special needs has brought me much needed peace of mind when I'm away.”

- J. Hohman



“I know that when I drop [my son] off for pre-school he is in a safe, nurturing, and clean environment…I recommend Young Explorers to anyone with preschool age children in the area or anyone looking for an excellent school.”

- N. Jotlin