The High Demand for Exceptional Early Education is Calling

Achieve professional independence and personal satisfaction as you invest in a children’s education franchise

Meet the growing demand for quality preschool and childcare

The $70 Billion child care services industry1 has shown growth even during challenging economic times

  • Why is Montessori so popular? It’s about hands on, gentle instruction that seeks differentiated outcomes, not conforming to a norm.
  • Each year, primary school requirements are expanding in all areas. Parents/children must stay ahead of the curve in order to thrive. Young Explorers Montessori® School is where these families get their advantage.

Leverage Our Business Model

  • Expert support at every step: Planning, site selection, financing, building/leasing, set up, opening, refining, humming, and enjoying!
  • We teach you our system, your short-cut to ownership, equity, and purposeful work
  • Refined building architecture for operational efficiency
  • Exclusive, evolving Montessori curriculum delivered though TheLessonBoxTM our proprietary, easy to use system.

Learn Why Young Explorers is in a Class of its Own

  • We’re new! We are a young, modern franchise where you will be working with the founders, not just a support ticket number. It pays to be first.
  • Our system gives you a step-by-step plan for business growth. The Young Explorers method embraces a “crawl-walk-run” philosophy with frequent intervals of feedback so you always know how you are doing at each stage of the process.
  • Our Young Explorers process of selection, training and retention of quality teachers gives you a comfort level in growing your staff. To the degree you serve your staff; to that same degree they will serve your Young Explorers families.
  • Our family/community focused approach allows us to become a vital part of the communities where we operate. And in turn, we become a vital part of the families we serve. This drives us to always become better and find new and creative ways to serve. You will be a prominent citizen as the proud owner of a great community amenity: the beloved local Montessori.